In 2021, fusing together sleek minimalism and expressive individuality, Tutussie was established. Although originally formed as a cashmere outerwear brand, Tutussie has naturally expanded into other categories and will continue to grow while maintaining a slow fashion approach.

Superior craftsmanship and providing the highest quality of ethically sourced materials help to create timeless pieces unfazed by micro-trends. With innovation at the heart of the brand, we will continue to find ways to provide luxurious pieces while never compromising our ethics. 

Born in Hungary to Chinese parents, Sissi Xia began her journey studying psychology at the University of St Andrews and soon developed a passion for the arts, pivoting away from her initial studies.
She took her first step into the art world at Sotheby’s, one of the oldest, most prestigious auction houses. Surrounded by masterpieces created by the world’s most renowned artists, Xia recognized their lasting impact and envisioned a brand that reflected the elegance she'd seen in the art world. Tutussie is the reflection of this vision.