Cashmere is known as one on the softest, most luxurious and long-lasting materials in the world. It’s been used in Asian cultures for centuries and is also known as a fine luxury material in the rest of the world. Cashmere is softer, lighter, more durable and eight times warmer than wool. So what makes cashmere so special? In fact, its softness can increase with each wear while also lasting for ten years at least. 

Cashmere was once a luxury that the average middle class person could not afford. Then suddenly brands like Zara, Uniqlo and H&M were selling cashmere blends. So how did cashmere become accessible? It’s very simple. The cashmere market was once dominated by countries such as Italy and Scotland with fibre refinement. Since China produces 60-70% of the world’s supply of cashmere fibres it only made sense they would continue on into refinement and yarn production themselves, lowering the costs of labour, taxes, shipping and still being able to produce top level yarn. 


Many people don’t know this, but cashmere comes from the hair of the Mongolian goat’s belly and not from sheep. These goats live around the Himalayas and Mongolia and can withstand temperatures of -30 Celsius degrees thanks to their warm and well-insulated cashmere fur. Unlike sheep who can produce up to 3 kilos of wool a year, a cashmere goat is only able give you around 200 grams of cashmere once per year. Because of this, supply is scarce and cashmere only makes up around 0,5% of total wool production. It typically takes four years for there to be enough cashmere on a goat to make a full sweater from it. 


Tutussie is proud to offer cashmere coats in elegant and timeless designs in a variety of different colours. The cashmere fibres of these coats will keep you warm even during the cold winter months and the fabric becomes softer with each wear, lasting for years.

We understand the complexity of fine materials and the importance of the functionality of each garment. For example, the Tutussie cashmere coats are made from our signature double-faced cashmere with water wave pattern. Double-faced cashmere is one of the most luxurious fabrics around, due to the complex process behind its manufacturing: two layers of fabric connected by a linking thread which is invisible from the outside. This finished fabric is opened with a special blade which separated the two layers with micrometric precision. The resulting flaps are rolled back between the layers and stitched by hand. Each garment is unique; expert tailors employ an average of 35-40 stitches per 10 cm to obtain sartorial finish which characterises handmade double face garments.

This is how we make sure our wearer feels the ultra-soft fibres both on the inside and out. 

The fibre is warm, soft, durable and versatile, which makes cashmere well-worth its price and a sustainable fashion option. With all the exposure of ecological living, sustainable cashmere fabrics are the perfect option for those who want to own luxurious clothing line and also remain eco-chic.

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